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About Us

Earth Spirit-Natures Clothing and Giftware is a magickal, healing, relaxing shop in Orange NSW Australia. Earth Spirit sells Womans and Mens Alternate/ Different Clothing, Jewellery, Crystals, Incense,Oils, Candles,Books, CDs, Tarot and Oracle cards, Mobiles , Chimes, Dreamcatchers, Bags, Scarves, Gftware etc. Also ornaments of Faeries, Buddha, Dragons, Animals, anything that is magickal and related to nature. There are also Psychic readings, Meditations and Workshops available at the Earth Spirit shop in Orange. Also well known guest Psychics appear regularly.

At  Earth Spirit we like everyone to have a relaxing enjoyable shopping experience, that makes them walk away with a smile on their face. We would like our website to give people the same experience. Uplifting, healing and magical. P.S Not all stock available at shop is on Website.

An experience to lift the spirit.

Have a magickal day!


Earth Spirit :)